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Mark 1 - Canada Class


Designed and built by Fred Wilken, Bill Brunt, and Doug Ferguson. After a successful career of racing, the Mark 1 lived at the back of B&W Motors for many years. Over the course of the past few years, the Canada Class car was restored by Al Fergusson and made a triumphant return to the track at the 2005 VARAC International Vintage Festival. More information to come shortly as we hope to have Al document his restoration project with pictures and further details.

1964 Aug 15 th. Great Lakes Trophy Races at Harewood Acres. Fred Wilken and Doug Ferguson both enter the Ferret in the Canada Class. Doug enters under the Ecurie Fiasco banner. Other notables in the Canada Class are Bob Long’s Anteater, and Oliver Clubine’s Mantis Austin.

Mark 2 - Formula A


A project contracted by Frank Salem. A McLaren Mark 1 Can Am car underwent a transformation that would make it eligible for the 1968/1969 Gulf Formula A Championship. While not a front runner, the Ferret Mark 2 shared the track with many of the great Canadian drivers competing in this prestigious series. Frank campaigned that car for 2 years and upon the completion of his stint, had Fred rebody the car with a Chinook sports racer shell. The car was sold and it present whereabouts are unknown. Hopefully more info to come on this interesting racecar.


Mark 3, 3b, 3c - Formula Ford


There were three Ferret MKIII's built.  Eric Siegrist built one (Stu Lamont may have been involved during the build but certainly was after). 

Chassis 1 - Stu raced it and crashed it into an ambulance in T1 at Mosport.  This was the accident that saw the tragic death of renowned Canadian competitor Wayne Kelly.  That car was written off and eventually cut up for scrap

Chassis 2 - Raced by Stu, Bill Hirst and John Scratch.  Byron ?( last name unknown) crashed at T9 at Mosport and broke both ankles.  Car was written off.

Chassis 3 - Eric scaled it down and made it an F4.    The subsequent owner mover out west to Vancouver and took the car with him.  It was then owned by someone that runs a racing book store in Vancouver(Wilken's Book Store?)  They sold it to someone in Portland.





Mark 4 - Formula Ford

Chassis #1 - Built for John Scratch during winter, spring and fall of 1973-74.


- 1982 Walter Wolf Formula Ford Championship

- 1982 Run-Offs at Gimli Manitoba, did not attend.

- 1983 Walter Wolf Formula Ford Championship

- Steve Wagland sold car to Gunter Schmidt in 1985



Chassis #2 - Built for Alec Purdy winter 1974




Chassis #3 - Build for Manfred Henning 1977, initial campaigned by Arthur Beatty

CASC Vehicle Log Book:

# 3 196

Ferret Mark IV

Manufacturers Identification Number 77 05

Category F Ford

Record of Vehicle ownership[

Ferret Industries May 1977

Manfred Henning November 1977

Fred Nicholson March 1980

Tony Cove February 2005

Event - Date - Entrant - Comments

Mosport Pro Ford May 22, 1977 Arthur Beatty OK

Mosport Can Am June 12, 1977 Arthur J. Beatty Safety OK

Nelson Ledges Pro Ford June 24, 1977 Arthur J. Beatty Trans Catch Can to be installed-OK

DAC Mosport Trillium July 16, 1977 OK

Nelson Ledges OK

Mosport Can AM August 21, 1977 Arthur J. Beatty Safety OK

Open Practice April 28, 1978 Gayle Henning OK Safety

BARC Spring Sprints May 13, 1978 Gayle Henning Very Good

Mosport Pro Ford May 19, 1978 Arthur J. Beatty

OTLCC May 27, 1978 Gayle Henning OK

BAC June 24, 1978 Gayle Henning OK

DAC July 15, 1978 Gayle Henning Safety OK Nicely Done!

BARC July 21, 1978 M. Henning OK

HMSC August 12, 1978 M. Henning OK

BARC Gayle Henning OK Clean

L.A.S.C. September 2, 1978 Gayle Henning Clean & Neat

BEMC September 16, 1978 Gayle Henning Safety Fine

BARC October 14, 1978 Gayle Henning Safety OK

HMSC August 11, 1979 M. Henning OK

LASC August 25, 1979 M. Henning OK

CRDA September 8, 1979 M. Henning Very Good

BEMC September 15, 1979 M. Henning Very Good

BARC October 13, 1979 M. Henning OK

Labatts Can AM WWFF June 5, 1982 F. Nicholson OK for Competition

GP Labatt du Canada June 11, 1982 F. Nicholson OK

WWFFC Mosport July 10, 1982 F. Nicholson OK

Labatt 50 GT WWFFC August 13, 1982 F. Nicholson Safety very good!



Chassis #4 - Built for Alec Purdy winter 1976-77

Photo - Outboard Suspension (Purdy)
Photo - Inboard Suspension (Purdy)






















Quarter Midget -

Photo - 1

Photo - 2



























"The Deflater Mouse"

"Deflater Mouse" F4 car built for Doug Barthels of Kitchener. Doug had
started building an aluminum monocoque car using a BMW motorcycle engine,
brought it to Ferret for design completion and building. It was very
light, 505 lbs complete with Hewland Mk8 transmission but had much less
power than the other F4 cars. It used 13" tires while others used 10" mini
tires so it was faster in the corners. Raced at the runoffs at Mt. Tremblant by Alec Purdy.